Composers of a Feather, Philharmonic-ed Together

This is a graph of the New York Philharmonic's top 250 most-played composers since 1842. The data are available here. A few notes:

  1. This is only the top 250 most commonly-played composers, because the ≈1300 unique composers the NYP have ever played gums up the algorithm.
  2. A link/edge between two nodes means that works by those composers were played together in a performance.
  3. For the same reason, the graph shows a maximum of 10 links per composer. For composers with more than 10 co-occurring composers, the graph displays links that composer's top 10 most commonly-occurring other composers. Just because one composer is in another composer's top 10 does not necessarily mean the reverse is true.
  4. A circle's size represents how many times that composer's songs were played with other songs by that composer. So, composers with bigger circles usualy have several of their songs featured in the same performance.

The graph can be dragged (click and drag), and zoomed (double-click to zoom in, shift-double-click to zoom out, or scroll on a multitouch pad). Thanks to Paulo Villegas for most of the code, and Ben Ripkens for the fuzzy search matching.

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